Friday, September 11, 2009

For Wayne - Down to the River and Fix You by the Cantamus Choir

My younger brother, Wayne died on Wednesday (9 Sept 09).

His favourite song, when he was with me, was Down to the River to Pray ... (he was religious but in an unconventional way - I am not formally religious but we would meet on Sundays in the basement of a building next to the church after 'real mass was said' for a non-traditional catholic service (one day we railed against the oppression of the white man, another we all said 'lord have mercy' after a young girl got up and told us about the fit she'd had that week when nobody seemed to understand her. One Sunday, my brother stood up and let everyone know he'd just had his last rights and that he would die very soon and that he wanted to thank everyone for allowing him to be part of their congregation. He gave an amazing talk smiling the entire way through (later one of the priests told my parents he'd blown everyone's mind) I was standing next to him not thinking too much about it because it was the kind of conversation we had on a daily basis ... I'm glad I was reminded of how mind-blowing it was ... this song was one he loved to sing along to. He would look over at me and try to get me to sing with him just by smiling and raising his eyebrows and laughing at me - I would concede and smile back, mouth some of the words to let him know I was there with him - I have a really bad voice so didn't subject everyone to it) ... Alison Krause does a lovely rendition of it.

This was posted on Facebook (Feb 2015).

Someone posted this song on their facebook page for him and because of this I've put it here as well 

I began gardening soon after he was diagnosed with glioblastoma
multiforme (the same cancer Ted Kennedy had) because I knew it
would allow me to exprience and see a positive 'light' shining
on things that grow. Gardening serves me well for a number of
reasons and it made this journey a powerful one. I planted as much
as I could in my garden this year but there haven't been too many
posts this summer because I wanted to spend time I had with my
brother. We walked and talked for miles and miles & smiles and
smiles. For the garden it was a very wet summer with little scraps
of warmth torn from between clouds. For us it was always good
walking weather. Wayne had asked me to be a confident and told
me ways of how I could help him. I hope I did a good job - I
believe I did. He told me I had. It wasn't easy there were
complexities and challenges that lay in our path. We did laughing
yoga and crying yoga and pulled out plastic garbage bags from our
pockets when necessary to lay on patches of wet grass. We lay
under picnic tables with our legs up on benches doing restorative
yoga poses. We did talking yoga. Monday morning he thanked me
after doing breathing yoga. He shrugged his shoulder & smiled
when I said, 'we tried'.

Once our family makes it to the other side of this, I will do my
best to spend time putting my garden to rest and get it ready for
winter ... in preparation for another SPRING :)

A recent photo of both my brothers. Gary and Wayne.

As I mentioned above, Wayne and I used to attend mass said by Paulist priests and we would have more solitary time with together. It was our standing weekly face
time when he was feeling good. When he began not feeling as good we still
went. Once when he didn't think he could make it thorugh the entire service
and we'd begun to climb the stairs to leave, the choir began singing this song
and he told me it was his favourite - I asked if he'd like to go back - and
he said he would like that. We went back and he sang his heart out! Later he
told me it was from a really funny Cohen Brothers movie. After that they played it alot ...

A year later ...

Mom. I brought Mom to see the space dedicated to Wayne by his
school. They call it his outdoor classroom. You can see the
plaque they had made for the rock where he used to go to sit to
get away and think (from what we understand students would find
him - so I now imagine him looking up at them, laughing and then
starting in on a lesson - that'd teach 'em - it makes me smile).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mid-Summer Veggies

red radicchio from Rome, sage & basil ... not the shoe

basil by the sage


arugula (or is it)?


pumpkins & phlox

potatoes in box #1

potatoes in box #2


zuc too

poor purple peas

kale amidst pumpkin leaves



20 Tomatoes (mid season)

I have photographed 20 tomato plants ... not sure there are many more than this doing well though ... 20 out of 40 hmmm?

Toms by Potatoes

Salad Patch Tomatoes
(kind of just name guessing)

yellow pear

fruit mix

fruit mix

camp joy

A Pepper & The Pastes

some kind of pepper that survived (jalapeno or california wonder)

san marzano

san marzano

san marzano



The New Tomato Patch

fruit mix

eva purple ball

eva purple ball

eva purple ball

black brandy

black brandy

black brandy

Aunt Ruby

... what the heck (what's with the pointy end)?

... and a Tomatillo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

green tomatoes

... flowers

and green tomatoes ...

... and one tomatillo

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

at the allotment

I managed to weed the new tomato patch & water the entire allotment.




red lettuce & Roman radicchio

Roman radicchio

... baby zucs

more baby zucs

and more ...